Let's get it started



Welcome on our English site 

It’s still under construction because we’ve just started but ..  

I hope that soon you’ll enjoy the site created by you and for you.

We are looking for students ready to work.
 Any ideas, topics you would like to share with other students are welcomed.
If there’s anything you would like to add here just tell your English teacher
or me personally and I’ll surely help you.
It can be almost anything, any fun stuff, jokes, songs’ translation, crosswords,
celebrity gossips..it doesn’t have to be serious .
Maybe you would like to share your favourite artists, hobbies with others.
We are open for your ideas.
There’s only one condition.. neither we curse nor use any insulting language here.
The volunteer students will be awarded with good marks depending on their work.
So..if not you..then who?
Karolina Piecha - English teacher


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