Fundacja Edukacyjna "Perspektywy" potwierdza, że Technikum nr 9 w Zespole Szkół Gastronomicznych we Wrocławiu jest wśród 500 najlepszych techników w Polsce sklasyfikowanych w Rankingu Liceów i Techników PERSPEKTYWY 2020 i przysługuje mu tytuł "Brązowej Szkoły 2020".

About our school

The Complex of Gastronomy Schools in Wrocław is a school which provides our students with a wide

range of educational activities preparing them to enter successfully the job market and obtain an interesting

occupation. Not only does our school prepare to continue their education at Universities but also develops

interests for a lifetime. Our graduates find it easy to obtain an occupation in Poland as well as in European

countries. We cooperate with similar schools in Stadthagen, Halle, Nünchritz, Olpe (Germany), Tapolcy

(Hungary) and Jesenik (Czech Republic). What is more, we take part in PNWM project; (Polish- German

Students Exchange) which fructify with students exchange. Our school is a member of European Association

of Hotel and Tourism Schools (AEHT) with its seat in Strasburg. The Association aims at creating close

cooperation with schools and companies connected with hotel, gastronomy and tourism business. It also

organizes students and teachers exchange which is a great opportunity to share information on teaching

methods, skills and abilities we all gained. It is a perfect way to see more and learn more, maintain a high

level of education by keeping up with other European schools. The Complex of Gastronomy Schools takes

part in the European Union project called ‘ Modernization of vocational education and training

in Lower Silesia II. The project and its financial resources create the possibility for our students to take part

in additional educational activities such as school trips, qualification courses, internships, professional forum

and many more. Not only do the activities take place in modern equipped School Workshop but also in

renowned restaurants, hotels and travel agencies. Each year our students win prizes in nationwide as well

as in international competitions which is our biggest asset. Sharing theoretical and practical knowledge

in the field of gastronomy, hotel management and tourism service is a very important but not a solitary aspect

of educating in our school. Our school has a versatile educational program which takes every student into

consideration, teach how to make decisions, shapes them to become responsible for themselves and others

as well as help them find their own place in the world. It also gives an opportunity to develop students’ artistic,

sport and language interests as well as to try volunteer work. Through its rich offer and the work of committed

teachers, The Complex of Gastronomy Schools has become a leading educational institution in Lower Silesia.

We educate students within the following specializations:
Vocational School (2 years)
-          Small Catering Business Chef
Technical Secondary School (4 years)
-          cook
-          waiter
-          catering service technician
-          hotel management technician
-          tourist service technician

Post- Secondary School ( for adults, 2 years)
-          cook
Supplementary Technical Secondary School (for adults, 3 years)
-          cook

The school is a member of elitist group of schools which gained the Certificate of Quality "Szkoła

Przedsiębiorczości" . The document certifies that our school is a local educational center in the field

of business and enterprise to help young people exist in their future life. The Certificate of Quality "Szkoła

Przedsiębiorczości" program is a new look at previous educational projects of business and enterprise

in a broad sense. Its aim is to promote economy education among students as an essential job quality

rate as well as shaping the culture of enterprise and business at schools.

The certificate is awarded to schools which:

- create positive attitude among students towards economy and enterprise

- keep the quality of teaching economy in a broad sense on the highest level

- cooperate with social and economy environment

- prepare their students to enter the job market

- take the initiative in the field of enterprise supporting local environment

The formal certificate presentation ceremony took place on 12 March 2008 during the ‘ Shaping

the enterprise attitude at school’ conference in assembly hall of the Complex of Schools number 25

in Wrocław, ul. Skwierzyńska 1/7.

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